10 Amazing Benefits of Broccoli You Need to Know

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Before you frown your face at the thought of eating broccoli, you might want to watch this article to learn all the ways broccoli is good for your body.

Broccoli is a literal nutrient powerhouse. It is rich in vitamins, antioxidants and other naturally-occurring chemical substances that your body needs to remain healthy.

It might not taste so nice, but broccoli is definitely one food that should be getting a place on your dinner table more often, and here are ten reasons why.

#1 Broccoli Can Help to Prevent Cancer

According to the National Cancer Institute, there might be some links between cruciferous veggies like broccoli and cancer.

So, what’s the link?

Cruciferous veggies like broccoli contain a chemical substance called glucosinolate and this chemical is rich in sulfur. As you cook, chew, or digest your broccoli, these actions break down the glucosinolate into certain biologically active compounds, one of which is indole-3-carbinol. And indole-3-carbinol has anticancer properties.

But that’s not the only anti-cancer compound broccoli contains. This not-so-tasty vegetable also contains another compound known as sulforaphane. Sulforaphane is organic sulfur and helps to ensure that cells function and divide properly. It also ensures the apoptosis of cancer cells. That is, it makes sure they die.

So, we know broccoli isn’t exactly anyone’s top pick on the dinner menu. But if the science is right, then you only need to have your broccoli three times a week to reduce your chances of getting cancer by a whopping 60%. That seems like a pretty good deal, no?

#2 Broccoli Helps Your Body Detox

There are several substances present in broccoli, which help your body get rid of all the unwanted chemicals and toxins floating around in your cells and bloodstream.

Also, remember the sulforaphane we talked about? Well, it also helps the detoxification process by triggering the release of detoxification enzymes. By doing this, sulforaphane also helps to protect the aerobic cells in your body.

There was a study recently conducted where it was observed that people who took broccoli sprout tea showed higher detox levels than those who didn’t. By-products of chemical combustion typically occurring in heavily polluted areas also decreased significantly in the subjects during the 8-week period of the study as well.

So, as you can see, broccoli can help cleanse your system and rid it of toxins and even pollutants that we inhale every day unknowingly.

#3 Broccoli is Great for Your Bones and Teeth

Why is broccoli great for your bones and teeth? Well, that’s because it’s rich in vitamin K, potassium, magnesium, and calcium. And all of these nutrients and elements help to maintain the density and hardness of bone and teeth.

Now, some experts say that vitamin K is more important than calcium when it comes to bone and teeth health. But whatever the case, you’re covered because broccoli is rich in calcium. It’s also really rich in vitamin K. In fact, in one cup of broccoli, you have 270% of your vitamin K needs for one day.

So, chow down on some broccoli and you won’t need to worry about osteoporosis.

#4 Broccoli Keeps Your Heart Healthy

One of the many ways broccoli keeps your heart healthy is by helping you develop stronger blood vessels. Again, this is thanks to the presence of sulforaphane in broccoli which not only prevents damage to your blood vessels but also reverses damage as well.

In fact, according to a study, it’s been confirmed that eating broccoli can help your heart pump blood better and keep your heart from getting damaged due to oxygen deprivation.

Multiple studies have also shown that there is a relationship between eating broccoli and a reduced risk for cardiac disease. This is probably because broccoli reduces oxidation and inflammation in the arteries of individuals predisposed to stroke.

Another really good thing about broccoli that makes it great news for your heart is that it is rich in fiber and contains zero cholesterol. So, it can help to regulate blood pressure and cholesterol levels which, in turn, prevents heart disease.

#5 Your Gut Has a Lot to Benefit from Broccoli

Your colon, especially loves broccoli because broccoli fights inflammation in the colon which, in turn, prevents the development of cancer.

But it’s not just your colon that benefits from broccoli, your entire gut also does. When broccoli is consumed, it is broken down in your stomach and releases certain helpful biological compounds which ensure that the gut barrier in your stomach functions properly. They also help to deal with issues of a leaky gut which typically occurs when there is a problem with the intestinal barrier and your intestines no longer absorb nutrients properly.

#6 Broccoli is Great for Your Liver

Like we saw earlier, broccoli can help to prevent cancers which also includes liver cancers. But even more than that, broccoli can even help in the treatment of liver cancer as well.

Additionally, broccoli sprouts are rich in sulforaphane which when ingested help to trigger the release of detoxification enzymes. These enzymes help your body detox but they also help to protect your liver from damage.

There’s even reason to believe that broccoli might help to prevent liver failure too and fatty liver disease as well.

To really get all these benefits, experts advise that you have broccoli, at least, four times a week.

#7 Broccoli Can Help to Cure Allergies

If you’re suffering from allergies, then broccoli might just be the thing to cure you. According to research, just three days of eating broccoli and your body will witness a 200% increase in the production of certain proteins which, in turn, will trigger the production of antioxidants in the nasal cells. This action can help your body cure its allergies.

Another study has found that broccoli sprout can help to reduce symptoms associated with nasal allergies, as well as reduce the effects of dust on allergic diseases like asthma.

Especially in the treatment of asthma, the sulforaphane contained in broccoli can help to produce antioxidant enzymes in the airways. These enzymes protect the airways by keeping pollutants and free radicals which can interfere with quality breathing away.

That said, broccoli is also rich in quercetin, and quercetin is a chemical substance that’s very potent against allergies. In fact, it is so effective that it is used as one of the main ingredients in many allergy medicines.

#8 Broccoli Might Be Able to Help You on Weight Loss Journey

Broccoli contains next to no calories which makes it an ideal food to add to your weight loss menu. Plus, it is also rich in fiber, and with enough fiber, you’re going to stay full for longer which means that you are less likely to binge and less likely to overeat. Of course, this is an important step in your journey to a healthier body.

#9 Broccoli is Good for Your Eyes

Broccoli can do wonders for your eyes and your vision. In fact, studies show that broccoli might help to prevent blindness and for this benefit, once again, we have sulforaphane to thank. This naturally-occurring antioxidant shields your eyes from the harsh ultraviolet rays which we know is bad for us. And according to research, the more sulforaphane you consume, the more protected your eyes will be.

Another point for broccoli is that it contains two special antioxidants that are really important for the healthy function of the human eyes. These antioxidants are called lutein and zeaxanthin and they help to protect your eyes from serious diseases like macular degeneration and cataracts.

Besides, broccoli is rich in vitamin C which is just one more vitamin that’s beneficial for the eyes.

#10 Broccoli Can Help in the Treatment of Diabetes

The two primary agents in broccoli that help with the treatment of diabetes are fiber and, you guessed it, sulforaphane. While fiber helps to protect your blood vessels from the damage it tends to cause to them, sulforaphane triggers the release of certain enzymes that can help to limit the damage.

Furthermore, lab experiments have been carried out and it’s been observed that sulforaphane helps to reduce sugar levels in the blood which, in turn, helps to protect your body from some of the harmful effects of sugar.

But something to know about broccoli before you begin to take it, especially if you’re diabetic. Taking in high amounts of broccoli when your diet is high in protein might not be the best idea for you. If your diet is protein-heavy, then consult your doctor before you begin eating broccoli.

Now you know all the reasons why you should add broccoli to your diet. It might not be the tastiest thing on the menu but this is a superfood that will make all your systems function better, feel stronger, and generally just be all-round healthier.

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