10 Best Foods to Lower High Blood Pressure

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Heart disease is the number one cause of death in the United States and high blood pressure is known to be a risk factor for such diseases. Sadly, more than a hundred million Americans have high blood pressure.

The good news, though, is that high blood pressure is both preventable and manageable and a great place to begin is to make healthier dietary choices.

In today’s article, we’re going to be showing you 10 foods you should add to your diet if you wish to keep your blood pressure within a healthy range. Let’s get to it.

#1 Salmon

Salmon is a fatty fish and we know what you’re thinking, “fatty foods aren’t good for the heart.” While that is true, it is also true that not all fatty foods are created equal.

Salmon, for instance, is a fatty food of the good kind. It is packed with omega-3 fatty acids which are great for the heart.

Omega-3s help to reduce inflammation, reduce your risk of heart disease, and they also help to reduce blood pressure into a healthier range.

There was a study published a few years ago in the British Journal of Nutrition. This study reveals that supplementing meals with omega-3 fatty acids helps to reduce blood pressure especially in older and hypertensive patients.

So, if you’re worried about your heart, then definitely include this tasty, fatty fish in your diet and your heart will thank you for it.

#2 Dark Chocolate

Your eyes are probably gleaming at this one. Fortunately, it is very true that dark chocolate will do your heart good but, of course, just a little at a time.

The reason dark chocolate is so good at bringing down blood pressure is because it contains a chemical substance called flavonoid.

Flavonoids are a plant-based pigment and research has shown that they are associated with the lowering of blood pressure in humans. This is because they tend to improve endothelial function as the researchers at the University of Manitoba point out.

Now, here’s the rule. It has to be real dark chocolate, not just any kind of chocolate. If you go for just regular chocolate, like a milk chocolate bar, for example, you won’t be doing your heart any good. In fact, you might be hurting your heart.

Researchers at the New Zealand University of Otago have pointed out that chocolate bars that are high in sugar, and foods that are high in sugar generally, tend to do the reverse of controlling blood pressure. They actually increase blood pressure. So, make sure you’re only taking the real dark chocolate.

#3 Eggs

Eggs are another interesting food choice when it comes to reducing high blood pressure as it is considered a fatty food, just like salmon. It is true that they have high cholesterol content but if the research is anything to go by, eggs can be great for your house. They are literal protein powerhouses and the cholesterol they contain is the good kind which makes eggs fantastic for your heart.

According to the American Journal of Hypertension, eating a high-protein diet, like one that’s rich in eggs, is one of the natural ways to bring down high blood pressure. As a bonus, it also helps you shed some weight as well.

That said, the way you make your eggs is critical to whether or not you get all the benefits they bring to the table. Make sure you’re using the right condiments or you might cancel out whatever benefits you hope to gain by eating eggs.

Condiments like ketchup or hot sauce are not great because they are high in sugar and salt, respectively. Two ingredients that are especially bad for your heart. So, eat lots of eggs but make sure you prepare them the right way for the best results.

#4 Pink Grapefruit

Grapefruit is a healthy fruit that can help with your healthy heart goals. If you want to push your blood pressure back into a healthy range, then you’ve got to love this fruit. It is bursting with vitamin C which boosts your immune system and does a great job of lowering your blood pressure.

According to multiple studies conducted, grapefruit has been found to contain lycopene which is useful for reducing blood pressure. In particular, there was a study published in Neurology by Finnish researchers. This research reveals that study subjects who had higher concentrations of lycopene in their bloodstream reduced their risk of stroke by more than 50%.

#5 Apples

Believe what you heard, people. An apple a day does keep the doctor at bay. And if you’re managing a high blood pressure, this statement is even truer for you. There are two primary health benefits apples supply your body with.

First, one apple supplies your body with 4.5 grams of fiber and fiber is excellent at reducing blood pressure.

Secondly, apples contain a compound known as quercetin. According to research carried out at the University Complutense of Madrid School of Medicine, quercetin is considered effective against hypertension and high blood pressure.

So, start chowing down on some apples.

#6 Flaxseed

Flaxseed is a star food when we talk about foods that help you to reduce your blood pressure. It is packed full of fiber and omega-3 fatty acids, two ingredients that are critical to cardiac health.

On the one hand, fatty acids will help to reduce inflammation and make sure your heart as well as its attending circulatory system functions effectively. Fiber, on the other hand, will help take care of the bad cholesterol in your bloodstream and also help to reduce blood pressure as well.

In a study carried out at the Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, it was found that people who supplement their diets with omega-3 fatty acids experienced a significant decrease in their systolic as well as their diastolic blood pressure.

So, the next time you’re grabbing your cup of morning smoothy or maybe your bowl of oatmeal, try sprinkling some flaxseed into it and watch your blood pressure go down a step.

#7 Apricots

If you make apricots a diet staple, science says your body would be very grateful to you. Apricots have so many health benefits, it will take some time to list them all.

They are rich in many nutrients including vitamin C and beta-carotene which are not just great for your heart, but also great for your immune system. The dietary fiber they contain also helps to reduce your blood pressure while removing bad cholesterol from your body.

Also, did you know that eating apricots can help on your weightloss journey? And shedding some weight is definitely helpful if you’re looking to keep your heart healthy.

The good news is, there are many interesting ways to have your apricots. You can have them dried like a snack, you can make them into a smoothie, or you can just have them fresh. Whatever you pick, get to munching and keep your heart pumping.

#8 Mangoes

The best thing about mangoes is that they are absolutely delicious and yet still very healthy. We know it feels like, oftentimes, you have to give up on everything sweet and enjoyable for you to lead a healthy life. But not with mangoes. They give you a taste of both worlds.

Mangoes are rich in fiber and beta-carotene and both have been proven to reduce blood pressure. In fact, research as published in Current Hypertension Reports, proves that you can reduce your blood pressure in a short time simply by adding beta-carotene to your diet.

Like apricots, mangoes can be enjoyed in a myriad of ways. So, even if you don’t particularly enjoy mangoes raw, you can always freeze and blend them into a refreshing glass of sorbet. A perfect drink for a hot summer day.

#9 Tomatoes

Yes, tomatoes can heal your heart because they are rich in all the good stuff like vitamin C, quercetin, and lycopene. And as we’ve seen, all these are key compounds that help to ensure that your blood pressure remains within a healthy range. Nevertheless, make sure you’re eating fresh tomatoes and not the processed ones. Processed tomatoes like ketchup or tomato sauce are packed full of sugar and salt, respectively which can cause your blood pressure to shoot up rather than reduce.

#10 Strawberry

Hankering for something sweet? Ignore the cookie jar and munch on some strawberries instead. Strawberries are fantastic for the heart and all the doctors agree, including researchers at the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute, University of Alberta. From their studies, strawberries make a great food choice for lowering high blood pressure because of the pigment they contain.

The pigment responsible for the redness in strawberries has been shown to be super effective at preventing the enlargement of cardiac muscles as well as preventing hypertension in rats and mice. Although studies are still ongoing on the effects of strawberry on humans, it still makes a wonderful and healthy addition to your diet. So, don’t pass up on it.

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